Our First Christmas Tree…

In our new house.  Isn’t it pretty?

New camera

I am one lucky boy! Whitney bought me a new camera for our anniversary!  WOOT WOOT!  I decided on a Canon SX120 IS because I wanted a step above a typical “Point & Shoot” but can’t afford a Digital SLR.  It takes great pictures and Whitney and Nate are already fed up with me being paparazzi and popping out of my hiding spots to take “candid” photos of them.  Check out the camera here.


Messy Artist

So this is a new piece that I started over the weekend. Acrylic on canvas. Almost finished, just need some final touches.
September 20 2009 024


And this is the mess that I made in the process.  Messy, messy man.  HA! September 20 2009 020

CD Listening Soiree on Saturday

Yep yep.  Dope.  Be on the lookout for Jason Hunter’s new EP that is coming out in October.  I was one of the lucky few to listen to the finished product before it goes to be pressed.  Check out his Myspace page here.  It is a mix of dance/electronic- there are some really emotional songs and some that you can really dance to.  I will keep us up to date on when it drops and hits iTunes. 

Jason Hunter