Last Weekend

The homie Kristen came up and we gallivanted around while our significant others were: A.  Sick  and B.  Working.  The whole weekend was filled with lots of good food, good wine and good times!  We went wine tasting in Nevada City and Grass Valley at several different wineries; Nevada City Winery, the new Italian one on Main Street (forget the name) and Sierra Starr.  Cooked up a gourmet meal of mac and cheese and partook in our fair share of martinis (New discovery = cocktail onions).  Wish more weekends were as relaxing!

November 2009 027

M is for Martini

November 2009 030

Kristen showing Chewy the wine dog of Sierra Starr some love

November 2009 032


Halloween 2009

Even the Bay Bridge being closed couldn’t deter us!  Dammit we were going to The City for a night of debauchery!  Started the evening in Berkeley at Kristen & Brian’s house, we all got ready and then headed for the naughty Broadway District to Horizon Ultra Lounge and Apartment 24.  When the two clubs didn’t suffice, we made the taxi ride to the other side of the city, to the middle of Castro.  Even though they still are not having the block party (9 people were shot in 2006) it was still jam-packed with some of the most imaginative, intriguing costume go-ers I have seen.  Being there again, made me wish people knew how to act right; because many people will probably never experience the “true” Castro Halloween circa early 2000’s.  After shuffling through the sidewalks single-file for a couple hours and realizing that we weren’t going to be able to boogie-woogie at Badlands, we made our way back to Broadway and danced until it was time to catch BART. 

BART did an amazingly SHITTY job managing the hordes of people who were trying to leave San Francisco.  A BART train finally came 45 minutes after it was supposed to be there, only for us to be jammed in like sardines a la this video.  It was hundreds of people shoving to try to get in and not wait another hour for the next train.  It’s okay though, despite the screw up, I still love you BART.  So finally we got home safe and sound with all fingers and toes.  A wonderful night, with great peeps, lots of fun and some inappropriate, but harmless groping!  😉 

Thanks San Francisco- you make me miss home even more…

Halloween 2009 014

Halloween 2009 018

Halloween 2009 021

Halloween 2009 029

Halloween 2009 034

Halloween 2009 038

Halloween 2009 037

Halloween 2009 036

Sunday Funday

Well Kristen and Brian came up from Berkeley to hang out with Whitney and I this weekend.  On Sunday we had a great time gallivanting all over Sacramento.  First we went to Antique Trove in Roseville to check out all the antiques, but first we were lucky enough to happen upon an Antique Carshow in their parking lot.  There were some really nice cars and it was lots of fun checking them all out.  Some of the car clubs put weird stuffed animals in the cars for some reason???  We saw a HUGE teddy bear sitting in one, a possum driving another and a cat in an engine compartment of another.  I am sort of at a loss for words… 

September 20 2009 002

Whitney made out with some new Marilyn Monroe memorabilia and a bracelet.  I saw a section there that we are totally going to decorate our master bedroom with.  I am excited… 

Then we made our way to Old Sacramento and had a great lunch on the Delta King.  We all were starving and they aptly came through with some great food.  The table had their cheese tray, calamari, mushroom risotto, Portobello sandwich, chicken sandwich and a steak sandwich and I have to say all the food was fantastic.  Look out for my Yelp soon enough!

M is for Mushroom Risotto...  Mmmm...

M is for Mushroom Risotto... Mmmm...

Then we made our way to Evangeline’s to poke around and look for our Halloween costumes.  There were tons of people there, but it was fun to look around and get some ideas.  All in all a great day.  Good times!

September 20 2009 007

Brian, Kristen, Nick and Whitney

Brian, Kristen, Nick and Whitney