June, June, June

How did we get here this quick?  I am always shocked when it is June and another year is half-way gone.

Whitney and I have been keeping busy with multiple graduations (Congrats Sam, Rosalyn & Keegs!), seeing family and friends (yes, you “No-Name”).

Since Summer actually decided to come out and play and kick Spring’s ass last week, a lot of fruit is coming into season!  Finally!  We are close to a month and a half behind up here in Sacramento/Northern California.  Though this means lower crop yields for some fruits, it usually extends the season.  So it is time to get my ass in high gear and to making some new stuff for the Etsy Shop and to share with friends and family.

I have a favorite jam that will be out next week!  I’m excited because it is DELICIOUS!  Can’t wait.  Here are some random pics in the mean time.

Mostaza en flor. It's everywhere

A rice paddy.

The survivor tomatoes that sorely need to be planted into the ground

A canna blooming

Another unspecified wildflower of Whitney's

Welcome to my neighborhood

Complete with escaped peacocks and burning down barns.  Last week was crazy to say the least.

The escaped peacocks decided to try to roost on my neighbor's roof. This excited the kids in the neighborhood to no end.

Then later that night I heard a boom. At first I thought it was the "normal" gunshots. But then another happened and it was different. I was surprised to find that the barn on the farm behind our house was on fire. It was scary to say the least. Complete with 911 calls and fire engines.

Spring has sprung

Though you would have no idea of that fact by the freezing temps that we had last night.  And the constant rain for the past week.

This year it seems like Sacramento is having a bit of an issue shaking off the winter doldrums.  I, on the other hand, am extremely excited to get some sun this spring so that I don’t stay this nasty shade of pale too much longer.  Blech.

Cherry blossoms and barbed wire. There has to be a joke in there somewhere.

Along the levee road

Daffodils. Such a weird name...

Rosemary blooming. And kick ass Canon 50mm bokeh

One of a million magnificent trees.

Sneaky, sneaky now

Someone here sneaked into the store room and has obviously been tasting a new jelly that I made.  And I highly doubt that it was Nate Dog…  Since he lacks opposable thumbs and all.  Who could it be?


Get ready!

Get ready, ’cause here I come.

So fee-fi-fo-fum, look out baby, ’cause here I come.

Have I told you that I absolutely LOVE the oldies?

Anyway, not what this post is about.  I got some new stuff in that will allow me to make some new products.  Testing out the Clear Jel this weekend and hopefully will have some new stuff for the shop that will be really cool.

While I’ve Been Gone…

Shocking Fact #1:

I got engaged.

I proposed to Whitney in September, when we were up at her GMa’s and GDo’s Lazy W Ranch in McArthur for the annual Labor Day extravaganza.  It was a perfect moment shared by taking the Dune Buggy and riding out to the apple orchard through 3 foot tall weeds with grasshoppers and bugs flying into our hair, mouths and eyes.   She had no idea what was going on, and luckily she was feeling extra adventurous that day.

When I got down on my knee, Whitney didn’t believe it at first, but when it finally sunk in, she was ecstatic. And of course we celebrated in the traditional fashion: gettin’ drunk!

I am so lucky to have her.  And the icing on the cake is that my future in-laws are pretty ‘effin kickass.

Whitney and her Mom

Six months later and we are still together.   So far, so good.

The ring I proposed with. The bling came later.

It’s Been Awhile

Yep. Long time. A lot has been going on, mostly good, a little not so good. But I am back and more focused than ever. Thanks for the 3 people who follow the blog that have put up with my absence! Here’s to 2011 and what lies ahead!

Just a little tardy…

Yeah yeah yeah…  This is for all of the people that have told me to post something on my blog.  Sorry, I think we all know how quickly life can get away from us.  You feel like you are on top of the world, have everything under control and then all of the sudden WHOOSH! And you are on a roller coaster ride from Hell.

Roller coaster.  That’s the best way to describe my life for the past two months.  Sorry, I promised that I would write more often, but it seemed like everytime that something “worth posting” came up, something else came up that needed my attention…  In the real world.

So here I am, promising again that I will try to post more often, keep you up to date and not try to bore you with my long, drawn out stories…  Haha, and we all know how well I can procrastinate…

Before I Die I Want to go to…

Ibiza- and party until the sun comes up. 

Puerto Rico- see where my family grew up and definitely the bioluminecent bay (Hopefully Summer ’11)

Italy- eat and travel throughout all the regions.

France- eat and travel throughout all the the regions.

Tiesto- see him live.  Preferably in Ibiza.  At Privelege’s Sunrise Party.

The Fat Duck- I want to go to his restaurant soooooo bad.

The French Laundry- I will eat here within the next two years.

Polyface Farms- Meet Joel Salatin and tour the farm.

Either the Northern or Southern Aurora- Experience it in all of its glory.

Go Wild Pig hunting- and actually get one. (This pic has always cracked me up)

Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Wine Country

Carnival in Rio de Jinero- And then stand at the feet of Christ the Redeemer and repent for my sins.  Ha!

I long for the Bay Area

Especially the East and North Bay during spring.  When I come over the Benicia-Martinez bridge and WHAM! Mount Diablo comes into view it starts tugging on my heart-strings. 

Stephanie came up from Phoenix and we went tramping through the Martinez hills looking for a good photo-op for Mount Diablo.  We were thinking of printing these on some t-shirts or coffee mugs to prove our mad East Bay love.  HA!

Mount Diablo

Walnut Creek

Steph and Nick

Wild Mustard