Been just a little busy…

Work, Christmas shopping, Attending holiday parties, Hosting our own party, Family, Friends, Cooking- you name it I’ve been doing it lately.  I love having so much to do, but sometimes we all need a break.  So I took a reprieve for the past two weeks. 

So I’m back…  The break is over.  Better get to blogging…


CD Listening Soiree on Saturday

Yep yep.  Dope.  Be on the lookout for Jason Hunter’s new EP that is coming out in October.  I was one of the lucky few to listen to the finished product before it goes to be pressed.  Check out his Myspace page here.  It is a mix of dance/electronic- there are some really emotional songs and some that you can really dance to.  I will keep us up to date on when it drops and hits iTunes. 

Jason Hunter