Yet another chicken update

Yes, another chicken update. The chickens have been confined for the household’s sake. They still have plenty of room to roam, but I have made a chicken corral in part of the yard where they are now confined. The first couple of days we had escape artists (friggin’ Fifi & Frida) as they flew over the fencing so I had to resort to clipping their wings.  Which was not as traumatic as I recalled.

They seem used to it now and are back to laying eggs at their normal rate.  Fifi has been the most productive and here is a close up of her eggs to prove it.  Unfortunately the picture doesn’t do the brilliant sea-green color justice but they are amazing.  And tasty.  And absolutely worth it!

Chicken update… Yeah me!

I can tell the Rhodies apart!  Finally the poor chickens will no longer have to suffer the humiliation and obscurity of not being able to be told apart.  A couple of days ago, I noticed their combs and waddles changed color and have stayed like that ever since.  One of them has a big, bright red comb and waddles and the other has smaller, more of a pinky/rose color.  The one with the pink comb is already named, Britany, but I have to come up with another name for ‘Chicken One’.  Actually Whitney and I came up with the best name ever…  But we forgot it.  =(   So the biggest, fluffiest, chicken; who actually likes to be held and petted, is still without a name.  No way to treat a favorite!  The Ameracuana (FiFi, short for Phoenix because of her kickass plummage) is a complete bitch (What happenend to her?!).  She is the top chicken and she lets it be known constantly.  She even pecks at Nate sometimes.  If she doesn’t earn her keep by producing enough eggs…  She will be the first on the chopping block.  Literally. 

Oh and still no eggs…  Since egg production requires massive amounts of energy, I think that the girls are trying to keep warm and in tip top shape since it has been so damn cold lately.  So I guess I am going to have to keep waiting…

Chicken 'One' hopefully named so only for the time being. Notice the full, red comb and waddles.


And Britany with the pink, smaller comb and waddles.


Here chickies…

The chickens are doing well, they are three months old now, and about two months out until they become productive members of the family!  There is one Ameracauna and two Rhode Island Reds.  They still aren’t named, since I was waiting to see if any of them were roosters, so I need to name them shortly.  I will have to enlist Whitney’s help on that one.  They have a pimped out chicken coop (built by myself thank you very much) and love free-ranging every day when I get home from work.  They are addicted to corn right now, I was sent home with some cobs from Labor Day and I am currently drying out most of them in the garage.  They have made a mess of Whitney’s flower bed- have been scratching at the mulch to get all the spiders and earwigs, so we can’t be that angry with them!

It seems like just yesterday when they were stationed in the garage in Nate’s old kennel

Whitneys Pictures 001

Here is the most recent pic of them- Nate stole the corn cob from them, and then he was mobbed by them and they took it back.  It is comical watching them interact!

September 12 2009 021

And a pic of their chicken coop

September 12 2009 030