Vegetable Garden, July 18, 2011

All is well in the garden.  Whitney and I went away for a couple of days, came back and were amazed by how much the tomatoes and peppers have grown.

Some of the peppers that I have started late have really taken off, like this cubanelle.

Some of the Listada de Gandia eggplants were eaten up by caterpillars and other insects (aphids?) while we were gone, but I found this Garden Hero doing its job.

Predator on the prowl

Have a new product that I am really excited to share and the story behind it.  I need to take some photos and will post later this week and get it on Etsy.

Vegetable Garden, July 18, 2011

Vegetable Garden, July 11, 2011

Yeah this is just a quick one.  With the temps soaring into the 100’s all last week, the tomatoes grew a lot, but a lot of that growth was leggy.  So several of the plants fell over.  Today was trying yet another method to keep the tomatoes growing up for as long as possible.  Let’s hope it works.


After. Vegetable Garden, July 11, 2011

Vegetable Garden, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!  All is well in the garden – the seeds that I just planted (eggplants and some herbs) have sprouted – which I am actually surprised since it has been so ridiculously hot.  100+ temps every day for the past 3 or 4 with it continuing for a couple more days.  But the plants that have already grown, are loving the summer heat.  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and had a safe 4th of July!

Found these mushrooms growing around all of the tomatoes this morning. I believe they are the Genus Mycena, but unsure of anything else. I hope that it is a good sign! They died by Noon from the sun.

First tomato holla! It is one of the special Yellow San Marzanos too! So we know that they are not sterile at least! Let's hope they turn yellow again instead of red!


My neighbor's climbing rose bush bloomed again. Very pretty.

Vegetable Garden, July 4, 2011

Vegetable Garden, June 27, 2011

I’m reviving an oldie but goodie.  I am always so amazed by how fast a garden will grow.  So I will do my best to take a picture every Monday and post it that night.

This is currently my Garden for 2011:


Copia – slicing tomato named after the now defunct COPIA center in Napa.  Developed in their gardens (which were AWESOME!)

Juane Flamme – French orange fleshed globe tomato – tons of tomato flavor

Yellow San Marzano – this might be a new strain, from right here in Sacramento!  Let’s hope that out of the three that I planted that one stays true to the fruit!  They were gorgeous San Marzano tomatoes – just a bright yellow!  A little more acidic too- which I liked in sauce that I made with them last year.

Red Zebra – Oldie but a goodie heirloom

Hartman’s Gooseberry – Yellow cherry type tomato – good for eating right off of the plant

Beam’s Yellow Pear – Yellow pear type tomato – great for salads

Then I have my Ajicito Plants in the front purple pot (aka Aji Dulce, Cachucha Pepper) that I overwintered in my home, since they are so special to Puerto Ricans!  Looking lovely and sprouting tons of flowers.

Crecer Hijo de puta! Crecer!

My strawberries are doing very well too- their second set of fruit should be ready in a week or so.  And the Rosemary bush completely hacked back to allow as much light to the tomatoes as possible.

And then in the black tray in the front, I am trying to grow more Ajicitos, my favorite eggplant: Listada de Gandia, and just some extra herbs like oregano and cilantro.  I know it is very late to grow from seeds, but I figured, why not?  After all the craziness of this growing season, I think anything is possible.  So I am crossing my fingers for the peppers and eggplants, but prepared for nothing to happen.

Well that about covers it- excited to see if by next week the seeds will sprout in these high temps.  Also, Whitney’s Gladiolus and Lily bed sent up its first flower spike.  If you know anything about Whitney, of course it is purple!

Purple? Surprising!

Vegetable Garden, June 27, 2011

Vegetable Garden May 17, 2010

It took some time (a helluva lot of time), spray paint and dirt moving, but all of my vegetables are now planted in their permanent homes.  Some of the plants have been showing some signs of stress lately due to needing to be planted, but all in all they all have fared well and they seem to like their final homes.  Except for my Golden Midget watermelons.  The two survivors tried their damnedest to hold on, but they just didn’t make it.  My cucumbers are looking a little frail currently, and I lost a couple of plants due to the late frost that we had about a month ago.  And some of the plants did sustain damage to some leaves, but otherwise look healthy.

My gandules and Puerto Rican veggies indoors passing through the windy ass storm. In May. The weather has been so strange this season.

The culantro. Which my Lita calls "hijo de puta" due to their amazing ability to just all of the sudden die. They are being carefully babysat still in their Jiffy pots.

In an effort to be water efficient and able to leave for a week during the summer (and not have everything die), I installed drip irrigation throughout the vegetable garden.  It was a fun, relatively simple process, but it really deserves its own post.

The romanesco thriving.

In a day or two I plan on starting my succession plantings and following up every couple of weeks with another one (mostly carrots and beans).  This way I can have a continuous supply of these veggies throughout the summer and fall.  I don’t have to succession plant my tomatoes, peppers or eggplants, because most of the varieties that I planted are indeterminate, so they will continue to grow and produce throughout the season until the first frost.

The first melon blossom on the "Haogen" variety.

The awesome foliage of "Moon & Stars, Van Doren strain" of watermelon. Notice the numerous "Stars", I couldn't find any large "Moon" splotches though.

I’m really going to try to keep better track of the veggies in the coming weeks- but I have been so busy lately with work, the garden and house stuff that it has been next to impossible.

Hella zucchini squash blossoms!

17 varieties of tomatoes! Went just a little "Mater Crazy"

I will leave you with what will be a weekly picture from my patio:

May 17, 2010