Art Hunt 10-21-2009

Let’s go colorful and abstract today…

Robert Swain.

RS 1

RS 2

RS 3

Sylvan Lionni.

SL 1

SL 2

SL 3

Minjae Lee.

ML 1

ML 2

Sebastião Salgado

In my Art Hunt yesterday I found this awesome Photographer, Sebastião Salgado known for his work chronicling the underprivileged from Third World Countries.  His work is black and white, quite haunting and reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock movies, especially the windmill scene from the Foreign Correspondent

salgado 1

salgado 2

salgado 3

salgado 4

Messy Artist

So this is a new piece that I started over the weekend. Acrylic on canvas. Almost finished, just need some final touches.
September 20 2009 024


And this is the mess that I made in the process.  Messy, messy man.  HA! September 20 2009 020