Art Hunt 1-27-2010

I have been meaning to write a quick little post about this awesome photographer that I found a while back.  While I was going through my Evernote (The most absolute awesomest notetaker/organizer EVER!) I saw his note- so I had to post.

I am not sure how exactly I found Phillip Toledano’s website, Days with my Father, but for the next 30 minutes I was taken through the ups and downs of being with a family member that were in their final years.  Brilliant imagery and poignaint writing made this Photo Essay all more worthwile.  Yes, the story has a sad ending (depending on how you look at it) but don’t they all?  Check out it out here.

He also does commercial work that you can check out here.

(Can’t post pics because the website is using a Flash Player)

Sebastião Salgado

In my Art Hunt yesterday I found this awesome Photographer, Sebastião Salgado known for his work chronicling the underprivileged from Third World Countries.  His work is black and white, quite haunting and reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock movies, especially the windmill scene from the Foreign Correspondent

salgado 1

salgado 2

salgado 3

salgado 4