Nate Dog

A quick little showing of some of my newest pictures of the Goober in action.  With captions provided by the Nathan Dog himself:

Damn I should have been a model...

I woke up and he was standing over me... I felt so dirty...

I told you I should have been a model... But the crack, man, it got me. So now I have to pull tricks...

I love sleeping on couches, especially at Grandma's.

I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky...

Catch me if you can MOTHERFUCKERS! Hahaha!

New camera

I am one lucky boy! Whitney bought me a new camera for our anniversary!  WOOT WOOT!  I decided on a Canon SX120 IS because I wanted a step above a typical “Point & Shoot” but can’t afford a Digital SLR.  It takes great pictures and Whitney and Nate are already fed up with me being paparazzi and popping out of my hiding spots to take “candid” photos of them.  Check out the camera here.


Impromptu Date Night

Whitney and I made our way to the Davis Farmer’s Market on Wednesday night, looking for the Chicken Lady from Cache Creek Meat Co.  hoping to score some pastured chicken, but to no avail.  I am guessing that she doesn’t come on Wednesday nights or she left early.  Wednesday night is full of food/street vendors which is cool, but we came to get chicken and produce!  So we know to come on Saturday’s for the good stuff.

We left and went to Jack’s Urban Eats in Natomas, which is a cool place that is half fast-food / half restaurant.  Not necessarily what we were expecting, but everything was really good.  They have these fries called the “Urban Fries”.  Holy sheep.  They are fried to order with a blue cheese dressing and spicy chili oil.  BEST.  FRENCH.  FRY.  TOPPING.  EVER. 

Urban Fries

Then we made our way to our favorite FroYo place in the Sacramento area:  Yog-Yog or their Yelps are here.  If you live in the Sacramento Metro area you need to get your ass there.  If you come and visit me, remind me to take you here.  After the great food and dessert, we went home to Nate Dog and watched the season premiere of House on TiVo.  Good times!

Who wants a bath?

Nate does!  He was a good sport, as always- even though he meekly crept his way into the bathroom and slowly as possible got into the bathtub.  It was the first time since he got skunked that I had given him a bath and I was expecting the horrible skunk stench to come back.  But luckily for my nostrils, the house and my general well-being it didn’t.  Well now he is so fresh and so clean!   While I was trying to snap a photo of him he kept looking at me like “What the hell are you doing?  Where is my treat dammit?!”

Nate Bath