Impromptu Date Night

Whitney and I made our way to the Davis Farmer’s Market on Wednesday night, looking for the Chicken Lady from Cache Creek Meat Co.  hoping to score some pastured chicken, but to no avail.  I am guessing that she doesn’t come on Wednesday nights or she left early.  Wednesday night is full of food/street vendors which is cool, but we came to get chicken and produce!  So we know to come on Saturday’s for the good stuff.

We left and went to Jack’s Urban Eats in Natomas, which is a cool place that is half fast-food / half restaurant.  Not necessarily what we were expecting, but everything was really good.  They have these fries called the “Urban Fries”.  Holy sheep.  They are fried to order with a blue cheese dressing and spicy chili oil.  BEST.  FRENCH.  FRY.  TOPPING.  EVER. 

Urban Fries

Then we made our way to our favorite FroYo place in the Sacramento area:  Yog-Yog or their Yelps are here.  If you live in the Sacramento Metro area you need to get your ass there.  If you come and visit me, remind me to take you here.  After the great food and dessert, we went home to Nate Dog and watched the season premiere of House on TiVo.  Good times!

Sunday Funday

Well Kristen and Brian came up from Berkeley to hang out with Whitney and I this weekend.  On Sunday we had a great time gallivanting all over Sacramento.  First we went to Antique Trove in Roseville to check out all the antiques, but first we were lucky enough to happen upon an Antique Carshow in their parking lot.  There were some really nice cars and it was lots of fun checking them all out.  Some of the car clubs put weird stuffed animals in the cars for some reason???  We saw a HUGE teddy bear sitting in one, a possum driving another and a cat in an engine compartment of another.  I am sort of at a loss for words… 

September 20 2009 002

Whitney made out with some new Marilyn Monroe memorabilia and a bracelet.  I saw a section there that we are totally going to decorate our master bedroom with.  I am excited… 

Then we made our way to Old Sacramento and had a great lunch on the Delta King.  We all were starving and they aptly came through with some great food.  The table had their cheese tray, calamari, mushroom risotto, Portobello sandwich, chicken sandwich and a steak sandwich and I have to say all the food was fantastic.  Look out for my Yelp soon enough!

M is for Mushroom Risotto...  Mmmm...

M is for Mushroom Risotto... Mmmm...

Then we made our way to Evangeline’s to poke around and look for our Halloween costumes.  There were tons of people there, but it was fun to look around and get some ideas.  All in all a great day.  Good times!

September 20 2009 007

Brian, Kristen, Nick and Whitney

Brian, Kristen, Nick and Whitney

Davis Farmer’s Market

Well I heard about the Chicken Lady from Cache Creek Meat Co. through some browsing on Yelp and so Whitney and I got up early for a Saturday morning and made our way to the Davis Farmer’s Market.  We were glad we did!  The farmer’s market is located on the edge of a park and stretches for about two blocks.  There are tons of vendors, not only selling fruits and vegetables, but local cheeses, clothing and nuts.  There was a seafood vendor, grass-fed pork and of course, the Chicken People.  We chatted with Kristy from Cache Creek Meat Co. for a couple of minutes and bought a 3lb organic, pastured, grass-fed Cornish Cross chicken.  We made out with tons of other stuff too; bacon from Bledsoe Farms, carrots, beets, pluots, green beans. figs and a whole lot more. 

I am really happy that we found this place, looks like we will be coming here every Saturday or so to get our veggies.  Goodbye Sunrise Farmer’s Market, you were good while it lasted, but I am willing to make the drive to get pastured chickens and pork and a bigger selection. 

September 12 2009 003