Chicken update

Woo Hoo!  They are officially four months old. And they still dont have names.  (-_-)  The whole naming thing has been hampered because I can’t tell the two Rhodies apart to save my life.  Maybe they can just be called “Number One”, “Number Two”, etc.   They do need names though, I read an article a while ago about how naming cows increases their milk production.  So it can’t hurt for the chickens and their egg laying. 

They have gone through their pre egg-laying moult and they are looking bigger and fluffier than ever.  They are eating almost twice as much food in one day compared to about a week ago.  Whenever I go outside they follow me around hoping that I have some corn or some other treat to feed them.  Another month and we will be having eggs!  I’m definitely excited.  Need to build them a nest box, the store that I get my chicken stuff from, Elverta Feed Pet & Tack  has them, but I have scrap wood around and am going to build them one this weekend.  The lady there also suggested that I just find an old nightstand and pull out the top drawer and leave the bottom one in and they would nest there.  This seems like a good idea, but I don’t want something so bulky in my coop, but clean up would be easier- just pull out the drawer and dump into the compost heap!

There has been some occasional aggressive behavior to solidify the pecking order.  They fly up a foot or two into the air and then dive bomb one another and puff out their feathers.  It is pretty comical to watch and Nate tries to stay out of the way as much as possible.  Nate and them are getting along just fine, he watches over his “girls” and this is all despite Nate being a big, bad, Pit Bull.  Ha!  Such a stereotype and misconception.  

Eating their corn cobs

Eating their corn cobs

The Ameraucana looking mean as hell

The Ameraucana looking mean as hell, but she is the most friendly out of them all.

Here chickies…

The chickens are doing well, they are three months old now, and about two months out until they become productive members of the family!  There is one Ameracauna and two Rhode Island Reds.  They still aren’t named, since I was waiting to see if any of them were roosters, so I need to name them shortly.  I will have to enlist Whitney’s help on that one.  They have a pimped out chicken coop (built by myself thank you very much) and love free-ranging every day when I get home from work.  They are addicted to corn right now, I was sent home with some cobs from Labor Day and I am currently drying out most of them in the garage.  They have made a mess of Whitney’s flower bed- have been scratching at the mulch to get all the spiders and earwigs, so we can’t be that angry with them!

It seems like just yesterday when they were stationed in the garage in Nate’s old kennel

Whitneys Pictures 001

Here is the most recent pic of them- Nate stole the corn cob from them, and then he was mobbed by them and they took it back.  It is comical watching them interact!

September 12 2009 021

And a pic of their chicken coop

September 12 2009 030