Here chickies…

The chickens are doing well, they are three months old now, and about two months out until they become productive members of the family!  There is one Ameracauna and two Rhode Island Reds.  They still aren’t named, since I was waiting to see if any of them were roosters, so I need to name them shortly.  I will have to enlist Whitney’s help on that one.  They have a pimped out chicken coop (built by myself thank you very much) and love free-ranging every day when I get home from work.  They are addicted to corn right now, I was sent home with some cobs from Labor Day and I am currently drying out most of them in the garage.  They have made a mess of Whitney’s flower bed- have been scratching at the mulch to get all the spiders and earwigs, so we can’t be that angry with them!

It seems like just yesterday when they were stationed in the garage in Nate’s old kennel

Whitneys Pictures 001

Here is the most recent pic of them- Nate stole the corn cob from them, and then he was mobbed by them and they took it back.  It is comical watching them interact!

September 12 2009 021

And a pic of their chicken coop

September 12 2009 030


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