Vegetable Garden June 8, 2010

Finally the strange weather has stopped and it is finally heating up in Sacramento!  For the last several days we have had our normal 90°+ temperatures.  Because of that, the garden is starting to really wake up and grow.  The tomatoes are really growing, but I am behind as some friends already have green tomatoes on their plants.  But at least mine have started to flower!  Partially my fault for waiting so long to finally transplant, and partially this crappy weather’s fault with not deciding to stick with a season.  What will it be Mother Nature?  Winter, Spring or Summer?!  Devious little hooker.  Quit messing with me.

Well here are some pics of what is happening around here…

The melons really starting to vine out

The first tomato blossoms of the season

The tomatillo plant is doing very well, with lots of blossoms

The raised bed with the eggplants and peppers loving the heat

One of Whitney's flower beds started from seed. Looks promising.

Vegetable garden, June 8, 2010

Before I Die I Want to go to…

Ibiza- and party until the sun comes up. 

Puerto Rico- see where my family grew up and definitely the bioluminecent bay (Hopefully Summer ’11)

Italy- eat and travel throughout all the regions.

France- eat and travel throughout all the the regions.

Tiesto- see him live.  Preferably in Ibiza.  At Privelege’s Sunrise Party.

The Fat Duck- I want to go to his restaurant soooooo bad.

The French Laundry- I will eat here within the next two years.

Polyface Farms- Meet Joel Salatin and tour the farm.

Either the Northern or Southern Aurora- Experience it in all of its glory.

Go Wild Pig hunting- and actually get one. (This pic has always cracked me up)

Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Wine Country

Carnival in Rio de Jinero- And then stand at the feet of Christ the Redeemer and repent for my sins.  Ha!