Before I Die I Want to go to…

Ibiza- and party until the sun comes up. 

Puerto Rico- see where my family grew up and definitely the bioluminecent bay (Hopefully Summer ’11)

Italy- eat and travel throughout all the regions.

France- eat and travel throughout all the the regions.

Tiesto- see him live.  Preferably in Ibiza.  At Privelege’s Sunrise Party.

The Fat Duck- I want to go to his restaurant soooooo bad.

The French Laundry- I will eat here within the next two years.

Polyface Farms- Meet Joel Salatin and tour the farm.

Either the Northern or Southern Aurora- Experience it in all of its glory.

Go Wild Pig hunting- and actually get one. (This pic has always cracked me up)

Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Wine Country

Carnival in Rio de Jinero- And then stand at the feet of Christ the Redeemer and repent for my sins.  Ha!


I’ve been cheating on Michael Pollan with…

Heston Blumenthal.  I am usually super strict about reading one book at a time through and through.  Unfortunately, Michael Pollan’s A Place of My Own is boring the shit out of me.  There I said it.  The genius behind The Omnivore’s Dilemma, wrote a crappy book about building his own Man Cave.  I am already to page 68 and there aren’t even plans drawn up for the place.  His writing, footnotes and thoroughly researched material in TOD was like ecstasy to the Foodie in me.  I thought that I would read his earlier book and be amazed again by his writing, but so far have been dissapointed beyond belief.  He is overly indulgent in his own intricacies and OCD complexes.  Seriously!  Who has to read 6 books to ‘choose a good site for a little building’?!  Just pick a spot you pussy. As you can probably tell, I am quite frustrated with the book.  Hence the wanderlust that followed.

I knew of Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck for several years, ever since he beat out Ferran Adria for the Best Restaurant in the World.  However, I never knew that he was on TV shows!  Well over the weekend I was on a TV break from reading A Place of My Own and happened upon the show Big Chef Takes on Little Chef.  It showcases his brilliance in taking a crappy chain that is like a British equivalent of Denny’s and taking some of the magic of The Fat Duck and updating the menu.  In 2008 he released his classic, The Big Fat Duck Cookbook which is $250 and was (and still is) out of my budget.  Well, he just released  The Fat Duck Cookbook which is just a fraction of the price at $50.  I have been so inspired by his dishes and journey that I broke the cardinal sin and actually went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and bought the book instead of waiting for it through Amazon.  Oh so worth it.  It is like a clusterfuck of wonderfulness.  Three books in one: his biography, cookbook and the science behind food.  It is like crack to the chef in me.  I am so happy!

However, since I have taken a much needed break from the drudgery of APoMO, I will go back and try to finish what I started with much gusto: just so that I can read The Fat Duck Cookbook cover to cover in all of its awesomeness.