Francoise Nielly

I am on an “Art Hunt” today.  Looking for some inspiration and some new artwork to look at.  I re-discovered an old favorite artist: Francoise Nielly.  She is French and has been doing oil & knife work for 20+ years.  Her art is über expressive, colorful and sexually charged- something about how she paints the eyes.  I really loved the stuff she put out in 2005 and 2006, and looking at her folio, I really like everything that she has put out since- it has become even more colorful!  Her recent pieces for her exhibition are titled “Les Diaboliques (The Devils)” and has a gothic/vampire feel to it.   

Francoise Nielly 2009Francoise Nielly 502Francoise Nielly 2006Francoise 2005 big_320