He is featured in an article in Complex Magazine you can read a portion of it here.  He is one of the best to bridge the gap from Street Art to the Commercial side.  It’s interesting to me how a lot of people think that they will be on the street bombing and tagging for the rest of their lives.  He is one of them that was able to continue his artwork and turn it into a legitimate business.  He has done a ton of artwork- most notably Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreak cover art.  Yeah, I know.  Everyone hates Kanye right now.  He admitted it himself- he’s an asshole for what he did to Taylor Swift.  But you still have to respect the man as an artist! 

P.S.  If someone wants to, they can buy me the KAWS x Hajime Sorayama No Future Companion.  It’s only $1,000.  Oh wait.  Already sold out.  Check out his website here.

Original KAWS


Someone can buy me one of these too:

KAWS Ashtray