Garden Update – Day ??

I stopped keeping a journal. The days started blending into weeks and then I just gave up on it. I have a pretty green thumb (if I don’t say so myself!), so I struggle with just writing “All is well” day in day out. Currently the plants are hiding in the garage from the bitch of a storm that we have had for the past two days.

The romanesco is doing well!

Last week there were two nights that the temperatures were supposed to drop to the high 30s but when I went out in the morning there was frost. Which effectively killed off 6 of my Golden Midget watermelon plants. Now I am nursing the last two survivors and they are not doing well. I think that I should start over. Pretty cool how their foliage is yellow from the start though!  Some of my other plants (Squash, cucumbers) were effected and some of the leaves got frost bite (Is that the correct term?) but seem to still be healthy. Transplanting more and more of the plants into various 1 or 5 gallon containers that Whitney and I spray painted to give them a spiffy new look.

Vegetable Garden

So I have been thinking of how I should share and document the process of my vegetable garden this year.  I am going all out and there will be a lot of info.  I decided in order to keep my sanity that I am going to post at least weekly about what is going on…  So here we go.

We are now into Day 25.  I started everything from seeds or cuttings this year and it has been working out very well.  I purchased a massive quantity of seeds from only two companies this year:  Seed Savers Exchange and High Mowing Seeds.  Both offer a diverse selection of heirloom, mainly organic seeds.  Seed Savers Exchange is just absolutely amazing with their selection and history and they are a mainstay in the seed world.  High Mowing Seeds (HMS) came as a referral through a pretty strange avenue.  Emeril Lagasse has had a show on Fine Living Network about “green and sustainable businesses” and HMS was showcased.  I really liked what the owner had to say and how they had their whole set up, so I got some info and ordered from them.

I am growing a huge assortment of vegetables this year.  My main goal is grow enough vegetables so that Whitney and I don’t have to buy our food from farmer’s market except the stuff I can’t grow or raise (mushrooms, chickens for eating, pork) for most of the year.  And then I kept adding more stuff until I came to the hope that I can sell or trade the surplus this year.  A quick, but not all-inclusive list:

  • Tomatoes (17 different varieties)
  • Melons (11 different varieties)
  • Peppers (7 different varieties)
  • Squash
  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplants
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Onions
  • Beans
  • Okra
  • Puerto Rican vegetables (Culantro [a.k.a. Recao], Gandules, Aji Dulce, Cubanelle, Callaloo)

Well I think that is enough info for now… Time for some pics: