Before I Die I Want to go to…

Ibiza- and party until the sun comes up. 

Puerto Rico- see where my family grew up and definitely the bioluminecent bay (Hopefully Summer ’11)

Italy- eat and travel throughout all the regions.

France- eat and travel throughout all the the regions.

Tiesto- see him live.  Preferably in Ibiza.  At Privelege’s Sunrise Party.

The Fat Duck- I want to go to his restaurant soooooo bad.

The French Laundry- I will eat here within the next two years.

Polyface Farms- Meet Joel Salatin and tour the farm.

Either the Northern or Southern Aurora- Experience it in all of its glory.

Go Wild Pig hunting- and actually get one. (This pic has always cracked me up)

Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Wine Country

Carnival in Rio de Jinero- And then stand at the feet of Christ the Redeemer and repent for my sins.  Ha!