Crabbing is probably my favorite extremely early Saturday/Sunday morning adventure.  There is this excitement that builds when you wake up at 4:30 a.m. and trek for a couple of hours to the coast.  When you get a couple of miles out you can start to smell the intoxicating scent of the ocean.  More excitement, more pent-up hope.  Will this be the big day?!  Tons of crabs?  Lots of keepers?  Maybe a Dungeness or two?  You get to the coast, which is still enveloped in morning fog, but with a faint hint of the sun peeking over the hills.  The steady lap of the ocean with high tide coming in.  “This is going to be the day” you say to yourself. 

9 keepers in total, and being good stewards of the ocean, we tossed back the two females that we caught.  What could make crabbing even better?  Sharing the time with your younger brother (Who is an even more avid crab fan than myself).  

The first HUGE one


Caught ya sucka!


Crabs in a bucket


ラン!ゴジラ! (Run! Godzilla!)


Number 9 and the little brother is happy as hell!


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