Weekend Update

This weekend was the perfect rainy season weekend, not to mention that it was three days long!  Thanks be to you, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I came down with a pretty bad head cold early last week and I trudged through work (currently working on a huge Recruitment initiative) and on Friday I started to really feel better.  I love it when you were sick and you get better right before the weekend starts! 

So on Saturday, Whitney and I went to our friend’s wedding in Oakland.  It was a Greek wedding, held at the Greek Orthodox Church (next to the Mormon Temple) and it was a beautiful church with a beautiful wedding.  I had never been to a Greek Wedding before, but even though the actual ceremony was long, it felt like the Church actually takes the time to really bless a marriage.  I loved the singing Priest (? I don’t know what they call them) he had a great voice and at the end of the ceremony he took the time to explain what he did and the cultural and spiritual connotations (Dancing around the table, The Water Bells, Crowns, etc.).  Then it was time to party!  Had a great time watching Greek people dance their “wedding dance” but they keep that crap up for like 30+ minutes!  Here is a good Youtube video that shows the basic moves.  A great time, open bar, decent food and a crappy DJ- what more could you ask for from a wedding!  Congratulations to George and Jessica!

Have you noticed?  It’s raining.  Like raining, raining.  And it won’t stop.  This is day 4 of rain.  When it rains I don’t feel like doing crap except cooking.  Which I have been up to lately, but that will have to wait for its own post.


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