O’ Christmas Lights, O’ Christmas Lights,

The cost of you is quite a fright!  O’ Christmas Lights, O’ Christmas Lights, Steal someone else’s I just might!  O’ Christmas  Lights, O’ Christmas Lights, I will buy you because I don’t want a fight!

Believe it, if it was up to me you wouldn’t have been bought.  Why did no one warn us about the astronomical costs of Christmas Lights? $160 bucks for just enough to do the outline of our house.  And we bought the LED lights (yes, more expensive) because of the economical and environmental impacts.  Well at least our house will look good when it is all said and done. 

Gotta have the rockin’ christmas light house video.

And this website is just hilarious!

“OH SHIT!” moment #67 of owning a house:  The cost of Christmas Lights


One Response

  1. lol. So true. But I still can’t help but love the lights.

    Have a happy holiday!

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