Last Weekend

The homie Kristen came up and we gallivanted around while our significant others were: A.  Sick  and B.  Working.  The whole weekend was filled with lots of good food, good wine and good times!  We went wine tasting in Nevada City and Grass Valley at several different wineries; Nevada City Winery, the new Italian one on Main Street (forget the name) and Sierra Starr.  Cooked up a gourmet meal of mac and cheese and partook in our fair share of martinis (New discovery = cocktail onions).  Wish more weekends were as relaxing!

November 2009 027

M is for Martini

November 2009 030

Kristen showing Chewy the wine dog of Sierra Starr some love

November 2009 032


2 Responses

  1. What the hell did I do to deserve a BFF as kick ass as you? As soon as Christmas has bid us adieu and 2010 is upon us, we need another mini-vacation like this. It was one of the most wonderfully relaxing weekends I’ve ever had. Lord, that Late Harvest wine was stellar! Love ya, Homie!

  2. It was definiitely good times! Bodega Bay! With lots of wine!!!

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