New Jay-Z CD, The Blueprint 3…

Holy crap Lord Baby Jesus… This CD is the SHIT!  I have to say that I am sort of surprised.  I thought that he would have jumped on the current bandwagon of terrible rap music.  But nope, switched it up did some good ol’ hip hop and some new electronica/pop.  He did use autotune in this new CD, but only once thankfully.  Kanye West is back to making beats properly and the music is beautiful.  He has tons of guest apperances, more than needed, but Alicia Keys, Rhianna, Kid Cudi and Pharrell plus others.

Oh- Jay also has Mr. Hudson on the CD, whom Kanye signed to his label- he is from the U.K. and is going to blow in the U.S.  Watch!  The track he is on is dope- it samples Forever Young by Alphaville.  Yes, that song, but it is done very well- he can sing like a MF’er.  He has a single with Kanye West called Supernova, from his upcoming CD called Straight No Chaser. 

Well back to The Blueprint 3, all of the tracks are pretty good except the one with Swizz Beatz…  But you know, it’s Swizz Beats so you can expect it to be whack.  Timbaland produced a couple of tracks too- those are produced perfectly as always- the new single is with Drake produced by Timbo “Off That” .  This CD is definitely going to get some strong play on the iPod!

4.5 Stars out of 5

Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3 [Front]


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